Four writers come together to discuss the horrors of the film world.

Sam Smith is a freelance journalist and writer. His work has most frequently appeared in Vancouver-based newspapers and magazines covering news, arts, and community. He has also been published in international magazines for his travel writing.

Janaya Fuller-Evans is a freelance journalist and writer. She has been published in several Metro Vancouver-based newspapers such as the Vancouver Courier and the Burnaby Now for her work covering news, entertainment, arts, and community.

Jeremy Shepherd is a full-time staff member of the North Shore News, one of Metro Vancouver’s leading newspapers. His work has been published across the region. His film knowledge is bar none.

Stefania Seccia is the Managing Editor of Megaphone Magazine and a frequent writer for The Tyee. She has been published in newspapers and magazines across North America, and worked as a reporter for 24 Hours.